East-West Center-Hawai'i

My Remarkable Experience
I had a memorable experience during my teaching period as an English teacher. It was once in 2006, 
I got an opportunity to join one of the most exceptional teacher training in the USA. With a group of teachers and lectures from Indonesia; 2 teachers and 2 lectures were from Aceh and the other 10 were from the other provinces of Indonesia. I travelled to that super -power state after getting a scholarship. The scholarship were funded by the East-West Center; an education and research organization established by the U.S Congress.  The one-month teacher training, so called Best Practice Institute and Learning across Cultures, were participated by teachers from 3 countries; Indonesia, Thailand, and USA. Being with the teachers coming from different countries and cultures gave me a precious and meaningful experience. Therefore, if I were given another time, I wouldn't reject to be there again.