Once in my life, I travelled to New York; one of the globally well-known states in the United States. I went there with several Indonesian teachers as a part of a teacher training programs facilitated by the East West Center. In New York,  I stayed with my home-stay named Laura, a Math teacher teaching at Scarsdale High School, the school where I was assigned to visit.  

Scarsdale is one of the best and most favorite high schools in New York. It applied a high standard of education system. I spent  10 days there to supervise how the teaching learning process was carried out. I found that the teachers were highly creative and innovative and the students were extremely critical and responsive. Therefore, the classroom atmosphere wes very lively and interactive. 

At the end of my visit, I was requested to do a presentation about the school culture of Aceh; the province where I come from.It was a highly thrilling moment for me to speak in front of  American teachers and students but I managed to handle it successfully. As the memory, I handed a  hand-made Aceh souvenir to the school principal.