Waikiki Beach,Hawaii

My Trip to Waikiki Beach

  • Travelling to another country is one of the most exciting activities that I love to do. Among all the travels, visiting Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is one of the most unforgettable moments I have ever had. The beach was surrounded by a number of malls and stalls where various stuff and souvenirs were sold. It was visited by a lot number of foreign or international tourists coming from all over the world. I went there in the evening. I did a little shopping for souvenirs, walking along the beach, and watching the Hula dance. I was impressed by the performance of  the Hula dance since it was very unique and entertaining. Hula-hula is a traditional dance from Hawaii island, usually accompanied by a song which is called mele.. Hula is used to dramatized the song.  I didn't forget to take a picture with one of the hula dancers as I want to keep it as the memories.