Unsyiah Laboratory High School


        Unsyiah Laboratory High School, usually called SMA Labschool Unsyiah, is one of the most favorite schools in Aceh. It was built on 27th July, 2007 by USINDO, the United States of America Indonesia Society.  The school was established under the foundation of Syiah Kuala University and is located in the middle of the campus. 
        Labschool has a two floor and modern architecture design. The building is dominated by the combination of peach wall and red roof. Before you enter the main building, you can see the school hall accross the school main building. It is the place where many school events are conducted  and it is often used by other people as well. 
        When you enter the school, you will find a stainless steel gate and a wide parks which are full of colorful beautiful flowers and various plants on the right and the left side. As soon as you come into the main building, you will find the school lobby. There are two iron banches and two glass displays consisting of a lot number of trophies. The school principal office is situated in the left and the administration office is on the right side of the lobby. There are two teachers' room in the second floor of the main building. 
        If you go forward,  you will see a wide area of the field for ceremony with a flage pole in the middle. There is a basketball and  a futsal court closed to the pole. On the left side, you can see the two floor block which is used for the eleventh grade students classroom while the right block is occupied by the twelfth grade students.  The school library is  located near the left block. The next block is the Science Laboratories and in the second floor you can find several classes occupied by the tenth graders. Next to the block, there is a canteen which is widely opened and equipped with some sets of tables and benches inside and outside of the canteen. The last part is the praying room and the clean and wide ablution area at the back.